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Catholic Homes Incorporated have undertaken a partial redevelopment of the St Vincent’s Aged Care facility in Swan Street West, Guildford. As part of the larger redevelopment project, Catholic Homes seized the opportunity to undertake the conservation of Bebo Moro homestead and the adjacent store/cellar. Both buildings form some of the earliest developments within the Guildford historic townsite. Acknowledging and embracing the significance of the property, the owners nominated the homestead and store/cellar for entry into the State Register which was successful with the property being included on the register in 2017.

Prior to Catholic Homes’ intervention, the homestead was rundown, vacant and did not form part of the wider amenities of the aged care facility. Redevelopment of the aged care accommodation has provided the opportunity for the former homestead and store/cellar to become an integral aspect of the site, not just from a focal point of view but also contributing to functions of the facility. Recently the store was used by the gardener, having previously been a wine cellar for the nuns.

Bebo Moro is located on the banks of the Swan River with enviable views over the water. The building now accommodates a number of complementary uses for the residents and provides a pleasant and relaxing destination for the residents and their visitors.

Planning for the redevelopment and conservation project began in 2016, with work commencing in 2018. The conservation works were completed in November 2019. The total cost of the conservation works has been in excess of $1 million.

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